Welcome to TECTICONISM Studio, a leading architectural and interior drafting-based outsourcing firm, where our team of highly skilled architects, proficient interior designers, and adept Millwork and Tile/Stone contractors collaborate with our clients in the US and UK. From ideation to reality, we aim to furnish exceptional results. Contact us today.



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TECTICONISM Studio is an architectural drafting & interior drafting service-based outsourcing firm offering a myriad range of services, from Architectural Drafting Services and AutoCAD Drafting Services to BIM services (Revit modeling and more). Moreover, we also strive to deliver comprehensive 3D services, including 3D rendering. Our team of proficient professionals aims to provide quality work whilst considering every client’s unique and specific requirements. We value and understand the importance of protecting client confidentiality. Thus, any information provided to our company stays confidential and safe. Additionally, we prioritize accuracy, precision, and thoroughness as these factors are a gateway to significantly increase the success rate of any project. We firmly believe that timely completion and budget efficiency are of foremost importance, and we endeavor to deliver projects that serve the same. Our architectural drafting services also include Tile shop drawings, Stone shop drawings, As-built services, Permit sets, Millwork shop drawings, FF&E, and many more. At Tecticonism, you can trust us to furnish exceptional quality work every time. Looking for a dependable and skilled outsourcing firm? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how these services can help you with your project.

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Albert Einstein once rightly said that the sole source of knowledge is experience. At Tecticonism, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. As a result of our team’s extensive experience, with an average of over 12+ years, ensuring high-quality work is done with ease at Tecticonism.


We offer highly competitive rates. However, our pricing can be tailored depending on a client’s needs and budget. We aim at providing you the best-suited plan for your project/projects.


Every project is different, and hence, requires different ways of approaches. Tecticonism offers a diverse range of services to cater the needs of every client. We understand that effectively communicating is one of the essential factors to deliver quality results.


At Tecticonism, we believe that adapting to individual client needs is an indispensable way of providing them the best possible service and experience. We place great emphasis on understanding and evaluating a client’s needs and expectations as well as their preferred level of involvement.


To achieve high-quality results and positive client experience, it is indispensable to align your schedule with the client's agenda and follow up accordingly. Tecticonism has never waived off a client’s plans; we have only adhered to and worked on it.


The more time you invest in sharpening your skills, the more acquisition of knowledge you will have. Tecticonism, as your service provider, leverages our knowledge to provide your ideas and thoughts to fruition.

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What People Say?

Eric Voitenko

Project Director, Top manufacturing firm in UK


It was great timing when Rohit approached us. We got our hand full with shop drawings and Millwork projects and were worried our delivery schedule. Thanks to The Tecticonism Studio team for taking pressure of us.

Sam Conlan

Project Manger, Top Interior Design firm in NY


Thank you for submitting the full CD set timely. I can not forget to thank your team for their hard work with continuous design changes. I am grateful to having you as my outsource consultant.

David Gustin

CEO, Top Manufacturing firm in IA


I am surprised to see the quality of drawings that your team produced in this shop drawing set. Please extend my best wishes to your team to work with dedication and produces a highly detailed set.

Lauren morali

Principal, Top Interior Design firm in Vianna


Thank you team for producing advance level of details set within this short period of time. you have been always best resources to us. We’ll reach out soon with another existing project.

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Architectural & Interior drafting: This involves creating all the technical drawings, including but
not limited to DD SET, PERMIT SET, CD SET, MILLWORK PACKEGES, WALL DETAILS PACKAGES ETC. The software we use are AutoCAD, Revit & SketchUp.

Shop drawings: We provide shop drawings for Millwork/casework & Tile/stone to the contractors
based on US & UK.

Structural drafting: This involves creating technical drawings and plans for the structural
components of buildings, such as beams, columns, and foundations.

3D Modeling: This involves creating three-dimensional models of buildings, structures, or productsusing SketchUp and 3Ds Max software. We are planning to add AR/VR services in the next couple of months.

Please fill the contact form or share your request with

It depends on the size and complexity of the drafting project. Some drafting projects can be completed in a matter of hours, while others may take several weeks or months. Factors that can affect the timeline include the scope of the project; the level of detail required. However, our preference is to check with the client for the schedule and we typically follow the schedule and add resources accordingly to complete the project.

Quality Assurance (QA) Team: We have a dedicated QA teams (Sr Project Manager & Project Manager) responsible for reviewing and verifying the accuracy of the drafting work. QA teams also provide feedback to the drafters to improve their performance.

Step 1: Drafters finish their work and submit it to team leaders

Step 2: Team leader review the project and submit it back to the team to fix any error

Step 3: Drafting team fix the issues in the internal reviews & share it with the project manager for the review.

Step 4: Project manager review the set and share it with the Team leader to get any errors rectified.

Step 5: Any rectification done by Drafting team and after final review the Sr. Project manager share the project with the client.

We complimentary provide 3 markups on the set however, if there are any major design changes then we might request for the additional cost.

Each & every information is protected with us. We sign strong NDA agreement at the time of joining of each employee. Apart from this we have data with google drive that is being sync in each and every computer & laptops that we have. Our antivirus protection does not allow anyone to use external drive & login to their mails in our computer. Moreover, we are always ready to sign NDA with our clients. 

We provide single point of contact for the projects that is our Sr. Project manager & share the queries on daily basis in the PDF format, apart from this we can have a weekly/biweekly call to discuss the progress of the project.

We start each project per the discussion at the time of project starting. The project managers keep track of the project and incase in order to achieve deadline we require more resources we add those at our end. We never miss out any project deadline.

Ownership for each documents in the any project is subjected to the Client only. We usually keep the project data up to 3 years and after that on the client request we omitted the same from our records.

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