Tile Shop Drawings

What are Tile Shop Drawings?

Tile Shop Drawings are the technical set of tile drawings that incorporate details about tile plans and tile installation in a project. Tile drawings provide fabricators, installers, architects, contractors, and designers with the tile installation information, effectively conveying the project plan.

Tile Shop Drawing Services provide installers, architects, and drafters with a comprehensive roadmap to initiating a project. These shop drawing services include details such as the number of tiles needed, accurate placement, where to begin the installation, alignment of tiles, grout thickness details, etc.

Tile Shop Drawings for Precision and Collaboration
Tile shop drawings help in tangible planning i.e, converting raw ideas into attainable goals. A well curated shop drawing induces accuracy and precision in the installation process, leaving no room for defects and faults. Also, clear and effective communication enables effective collaboration among architects, installers, and designers, helping them gain a better understanding about the tile installation.

Shop Drawings are widely used due to their ability to readily adapt to complex designs. Tile shop drawing allows you to obtain details like installation starting point, cutout details, grouting size, project details, material specification, dimensions, etc. These details help in timely completion of the installation process of tiles, saving time, costs and efforts.

Our Tile shop drawing services include:

Finish plans:Our team of experienced drafters provide you with the detailed floor plans that comprise tile layout, patterns, grout thickness details, cuts, and transitions. Our attention to detail helps generate precise results for your project. Finish plans help in visualizing patterns, enabling an individual to understand where a cut piece will fit.

Elevations:- Elevations provide a clearer understanding of the starting point and the remaining pieces (cut pieces) in the front view. Elevations in tile shop drawings also comprise details like walls on tiles, grout lines, trim, and others.

Details:- Details are enlarged views of surfaces involving thickness, fixing, and hidden materials, typically not visible to the viewers. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive information about transition details, grout details, horizontal and vertical fixings, and other particulars.

Sections:- Sections in a shop drawing refer to the cross-sectional view of a surface or any area. These cross-sections help in intrinsic installment planning and a thorough understanding of the materials to be used at the back ends.

Tile cutouts and edges:- Details like tile cutouts and edges should be performed meticulously as they enable precise installation of tiles. Our precise and accurate drawings help in seamless conduction of tile installation.

Material specification:- Material specifications help convey to the installer the color, thickness, and brand of materials to be used for a project.

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