What is interior Modeling in BIM?

Interior modeling refers to the creation of interior spaces and elements within a building. In BIM, interior modeling refers to drafting of interiors (interior components, designs, and space) using BIM technology. 

Why is interior modeling important?

Interior modeling is important for visualizing the interior structure of a building, enabling effective drafting and styling of interiors within a building. In addition, interior modeling helps in space planning and designing accurate layouts. 

Interior modeling services help you create your visually-appealing and highly functional interior spaces. To achieve accurate, precise and detailed models our team of designers and drafters use different softwares, like SketchUP, 3D Studio Max, and autoCAD.

Our interior modeling services include:

  • Space planning: Adequate space planning entails proper utilization of interior space, precise furniture arrangement, and effective lighting schemes.


  • Furniture modeling: Furniture modeling incorporates creating three-dimensional models of furniture that help you visualize the interior space within a building.

  • Lighting modeling: Lighting modeling refers to 3D models of lighting fixtures in a project.

  • Material and texture modeling: Our interior modeling  services involve the drafting of material and texture that aids in the accurate representation of finishes and materials.


At TECTICONISM Studio, our interior modeling services help you adequately plan your interior space according to your requirements. Learn more about our services; contact us today.

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