Construction Documentation

Due to the lack of accessibility and mismanagement of continuously fluctuating materials in a building, obtaining accurate construction documentation can be challenging. While there have been numerous advancements in BIM, certain challenges persist when it comes to creating construction document sets.

Inaccuracies and uncertainties in construction documentation can cause disorientation and hindrance in the construction process. Thus, we place greater importance on ensuring that your construction documents are complete and accurate by effectively accessing documents and managing changes. 

  • Every construction process requires some legal proceedings to obtain a permit. 
  • This legal work is covered under CD. 
  • In addition, CD makes the communication process lucid and effective by enhancing the understanding of a project among stakeholders.

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What is construction documentation?

Construction Documentation is a collection of documents and drawings required for construction, authorized by local authorities. Construction Documentation, also referred to as IFC (Issued for Construction), comprises approved permit set drawings and other significant specifications. 

What types of construction documentation services are offered by TECTICONISM Studio?

The construction documentation services provided by Tecticonism Studio include shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and installation drawings. We ensure that our construction documentation is clear, concise, and rigorous. Moreover, the construction documentation may encompass cost details, schedules, and other relevant details.

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