What are As-Built Services?

As-built services refer to the representation of the current constructed structure on a site. Every well-laid plan undergoes various stages, and these stages may require a wide range of modifications and changes in plans. Whenever a change occurs, a new set of revised drawings is generated to keep the records. These sets of drawings are called As-Built drawings. Moreover, the changes may include modifications in dimensions, specifications, and location. Changes may also occur based on the availability of resources, alterations in material type or size, and various other factors. 

Different clients have different requirements for their projects; hence, adhering to their specific needs is important.

Crafting Precision with As-Built

As-built services are crucial for accurately documenting your project. They provide design validation and compliance with standards and codes. These drawings/models can also be used to compare the existing building structure with the original plan and maintain a record of changes.

Our As-Built services include:

1. As-Built Modeling:

 As-built modeling involves creating 3D models of the existing building to help architects, drafters, designers, installers, and contractors visualize it accurately.

2. Record Drawings:

 Through surveying information (such as site pictures, dimensions, etc.), our team of professionals assists clients by creating accurate As-Built drawings or models. These drawings and models can be used for record-keeping purposes.

3. BIM Integration:

 Our skilled and experienced professionals incorporate the use of BIM technology to create accurate 3D models of an existing building structure based on Point Cloud data, survey information such as existing photos, dimensions, etc. This ensures an accurate representation of a structure detailed to its finest.

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