Revit family creation

Revit family creation is a process of creating building elements in Revit software. Revit family creation allows an individual to draft physical objects like doors, windows, furniture, etc. to enhance communication and understanding among stakeholders. 

Revit is a  powerful tool that enables the creation of distinct families that allows efficient planning.  These families represent accurate and precise scales, proportions, and details, allowing you to store a change throughout a given family.

 In addition, our cost-effective Revit family creation services are not only flexible and adaptive but also versatile. Whether you are embarking on large scale projects or small ones, our Revit family creation services can readily adapt with every project’s specific requirements.


01 Choose a template and add basic geometry

02 Craft a base (parent family)

03 Create child families

04 Put all families together (parent family + child family)

05 Test your families and improve accordingly


Our revit creation services include:

  1. Architectural families: Architectural families encompass an assortment of components- walls, windows, doors, roofs, floors, ceilings, and others.


  1. MEP families: Custom families like MEP families incorporate plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and HVAC systems that help you collaborate and coordinate seamlessly.


  1. Furniture families: Furniture families contribute to the enhancement of a space by providing furniture elements- chairs, beds, tables, cabinets, and other furniture.


  1. Custom families: Custom families contain elements that cater to the specific needs of a project.  

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