A project goes through innumerable changes, and registering these changes is an essential component of a construction project. These modifications are stored in the form of AS-built drawings. As-built BIM models store data for impending projects and renovation.  


Tecticonism Studio is delighted to inform you that we provide a wide variety of AS-built services. Our services include AS-built modeling, BIM integration, and clash detection.

Our As-built services:

  • As-built Modeling: As-built modeling serves as a base for upcoming projects and other works like renovation, future planning, etc.
  • BIM integration: Crafting as-built models using Building information modeling technology helps collaborate and communicate seamlessly.
  • Clash detection: By analyzing As-built models comprehensively, one can detect potential clashes and errors in the project.


We provide accurate and precise details of a building’s existing state. Moreover, we use tools like photogrammetry, laser scanning, manual measurement, and others to provide the best results and experience to our clients.


Clashes and interface detections in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) can avoid potential construction errors and delays. Eradicating errors saves time and leads to a better quality of outcomes. In addition, AS-built services can also help with renovation and other processes. 


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