Stone Shop Drawings

What are stone shop drawings?

Stone Shop Drawings refers to the set of technical drawings that reflect details of stone installation at an installation site. It allows a person to visualize how stones will fit together and coordinate with other materials.These drawings are used by installers, contractors, and architects to understand the installation process as these drawings provide better visualization of a project.

Prepared using different cad tools and cad software, Stone Shop Drawings offer an assortment of benefits including accurate and comprehensive visualization, customisation, collaboration, communication, and coordination. Furthermore, up-to-the scale measurements in stone drawings are essential for accurate installment of stones. These drawings boost work productivity at the construction site, enabling on-time completion within budget.

  • Adept visualization
  • Effective communication and collaboration
  • Proper coordination
  • Accurate installation
  • Timely completion

Our Stone Shop Drawing Services include:

  1. Shop Drawings:  At TECTICONISM Studio, we craft highly comprehensive drawings that include all the necessary details required. 
  1. Elevations: Elevations provide installation details of stone, particularly on vertical structures within a building.
  1. Sections: Sections depict installation details of stones on the cross-sectional areas.
  1. Details: At TECTICONISM Studio, we provide detailed drawings of stone transitions, edge treatments, and other features to ensure that the fabrication and installation process runs smoothly.

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