What is Scan to BIM?

SCAN to BIM refers to the process of collecting data and creating 3D models of buildings through scanning/capturing a physical space or a building. Scan to BIM allows you to represent a structure digitally. Generally, scan to BIM services include incorporation of technologies such as laser scanning, point cloud, and matterport for scanning and gathering data. These technologies help you simplify integration of real-world, physical buildings and environment into a single digital frame, enabling super-realistic visualization. 

Why is Scan to BIM important?

  • Models drafted using scan to BIM services are highly reliable that comprise every minute detail. 
  • By analyzing the scan to BIM models, we can get a comprehensive understanding of the current accurate conditions of a building, enhancing opportunities for further improvements within the building.

Our Scan to BIM services include:

  1. Point Cloud to BIM Conversion – Point cloud to BIM conversion is a process of capturing data through point cloud laser scanning to create an accurate and detailed BIM model of your existing structure. At TECTICONISM Studio, we accurately represent the scale, proportions, and details of your building, making it easy to plan and execute your renovation, restoration, or remodeling project.
  1. Clash Detection – Through meticulous analysis of BIM models, we can identify clashes in an existing building model. Clash detection helps avoid potential errors and reduce costs.


  1. Quantity Takeoff – BIM models can be used to generate accurate quantity takeoffs, helping you to estimate the amount of materials and labor required for your project.
  1. Construction Documentation –  BIM models can also be used to create construction documentation, such as shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and installation drawings. This helps to ensure that your project is built according to your specifications.

At Tecticonism, our team of adept professionals aids in drafting versatile and comprehensive three-dimensional models. We use point cloud and Matterport technologies to prepare captivating and immersive building models. Moreover, through scanning, innumerable points are captured, which are used to draft informative three-dimensional models.

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