Architectural Interior Documentation

Architectural Interior Documentation is a set of documents necessary for completion of a project. Architectural documentation provides a comprehensive representation of a structure that is required to build a structure. Documentation is incredibly helpful to explain a design in detail.

CAD drafting involves three major phases: DD (Design Development), CD (Construction Documentation), and Permit sets.

Before commencing the drawing process, the design intent is discussed with the client in order to understand the client’s expectations. This collaboration enables us to create a rough sketch, providing an overview and facilitating visualization of a building structure.

DD (Design Development)

Design Development, also called DD, is the comprehensive collection of drawings and documents that provide details for developing the plan outlined in schematic drawing sets. Design development refers to the development or refinement of the initial plan (rough sketches). It incorporates practically establishing the design further, making it tangible and attainable.


Design Development provides refined and detailed plans that help a person visualize a design more comprehensively. DD sets represent finalized versions of drawings, incorporating a detailed overview of a design. It is also essential for setting up a proper direction for your project.

Permit Sets

After DD sets, Permit sets enable you to obtain or secure a permit issue on your project, streamlining the approval process.  

Permit sets are a comprehensive subset of construction documents, incorporating details such as window locations, doors, etc. that are required for obtaining a permit for construction. Permit sets need to be complete, accurate, and in compliance with the standards and codes of construction.


Construction Documentation

Once DD and permit sets are completed, the next step is documentation of necessary documents such as drawings, notes, safety reports, and others. Construction Documentation, also called CD, is the collection of all essential documents, including highly detailed drawings, that are essential for obtaining construction approval from the local authority. 

Construction documentation helps minimize errors by ensuring that your project meets the standards. With precise construction documentation, it is easy to manage a project efficiently. 


Design development, construction documentation, and permit set services are not only limited to simplifying the construction process but extend beyond . We would be delighted to help you with our design development, construction documentation, and permit set services, providing practical implementation of your vision.

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FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipments)

What is FF&E?

  • FF&E services are important for not only enhancing functional efficiency of an item but also for elevating the visual appeal. 
  • FF&E allows optimal utilization of a space that satisfies your requirements while not compromising on the functional aspect. 
  • Organizing and arranging furniture embarks a sense of personalisation and identity.

Our FF&E services include:

  • Specification: Our team of experts offers detailed and accurate specifications that encompass product details, finishes, and installation requirements.
  • Administration: Our administration services encompass all the major aspects of management of the FF & E process. It involves meticulous planning of design of your desired product.



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