From Office Desks to Scenic Landscape: Trip to Bhimtal

From Office Desks to Scenic Landscape: Trip to Bhimtal

With the everyday hustle and bustle and the arduous pressure of work, every employee in the corporate world yearns for a break. When the much-awaited trip came around the corner, everyone’s faces at TECTICONISM Studio brimmed with wide smiles. Annual office trips are one of those days when everyone gets to bond, communicate, and relax. 

After putting much thought into it, the trip was planned to Bhimtal, near Nainital. Bhimtal, a land known for its green lush, and serene water sources, is located in the middle of Uttrakhand. The place is a major attraction for tourists, with thousands of tourists flocking to Bhimtal every year. 

Bus Journey

Our journey began with a long bus ride on the night of July 7, 2023. The arduous bus ride, as one must have thought, became fun and tranquil with employees’ banter and acts of joy. Employees talked, sang songs at the top of their lungs, shared food, and formed bonds. Everyone grew closer than they already were with each other. As one of our employees aptly put it, “We are already friends, but today is different and truly special.”

The Beauty of Bhimtal

We were welcomed by the scenic beauty of Bhimtal’s mountains, surrounded by the highly-renowned Bhimtal lake. The breathtaking sight of mountains covered with clouds left us in awe. When the sunlight peeked through the clouds and touched our skins, it offered a serene experience. Captivated by the majestic scenery of Bhimtal’s exquisite beauty, we relished every moment. Just like we snapped selfies for our social media handles, we also captured the beauty of Bhimtal with our eyes, storing it in our memory bank. “It seems as if the clouds themselves are engaged in a conversation with us,” remarked one employee. 

“What a metaphor! We are on cloud nine, both figuratively and truly.” 


Our leisurely walk around the lake fused with the soothing aroma and hot devoured taste of coffee, created a beautiful fusion of serendipity and cherished core memories. Our two days were filled with a bunch of activities. We explored some cafes around, discovered the magic of Bhimtal’s culture and food, indulged in a few games here and there, and savored the touch of cold water as we spent our evenings in the pool. 

Games and Activities

Our TECTICONISM Studio organized several games for us to play. The first game we participated in was the spoon and lemon race. The rules were pretty clear and simple: Each player was provided with a lemon and a spoon and had to hold the spoon in their mouth while balancing the lemon on it to begin the race. If any player dropped the lemon, they had to restart from the beginning. The first player to reach the finish line would be declared the winner. Participants engaged in the game with thrill and excitement evident in their eyes. The game soon began to showcase impressive enthusiasm and a competitive attitude among the players.


The next game that we participated in was Strawchitect. Strawchitect is a building game where participants utilize straws to construct structures, particularly buildings. The game commenced with the division of teams, and each team received straws, tape, and threads. The end goal was to construct a structure using the given supplies within the limited time provided. The team with the tallest and the prettiest building would be the winner.

As the game began, the air was occupied with the bustling of straws and chortling of participants. The game grew more competitive, intense, and energetic with each passing moment. “What a terrific sight!” exclaimed one of the employees, looking at the game results, constructed by teams towards the end of the game. 

Fun and Food

Nights were reserved for parties and dancing. Everyone grooved to their favorite beats, had food, and enjoyed every night. Also, the food at Monolith Resort was thoughtfully prepared, considering employee demands and preferences. “It tastes like heaven.” commented one of the employees as we savored the taste of delectable dishes. Breakfasts at Monolith, accompanied by the exquisite lake view, ingrained an unforgettable and truly remarkable experience. 

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee amid rain rooted a peculiar sensation in our bodies. We fancied that feeling. From our tea breaks at the office to coffee breaks in the rain, our bond grew stronger and closer. 


Undoubtedly, office trips provide a valuable opportunity to relax and forge stronger relationships. While it may be a little difficult to be more friendly amidst the confines of the workplace, it is much easier to become friends on trips. Spending time with each other outside work dampens a positive and friendly note to professional relationships. People begin to empathize and understand each other more, enriching the equations at the office, as well.

The trip to Bhimtal was a delightful experience. Although we have left the beautiful land, memories of Bhimtal are imprinted within us as our core experiences. The picturesque views have left us spectacular, and we have gained a bunch of memories and delightful experiences that we will cherish forever.